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My friend Manny Silva wrote an excellent piece on his blog entitled:  Emergent Ideology is Here, What Will You Do?  I highly recommend it.


No longer can anyone sit and not be aware of the liberalism that has infiltrated the Nazarene denomination like a crimson tide.  The people sitting in the pews need to investigate what is at the core of emergent/liberal ideology.  It is NOT what it appears……a movement to engage the community and be like Jesus. 


It is liberalism.  It is a down-grading of trust in scripture.  It is a move towards universalism and ecumenism.  It is a works-based and mystically based religion.   It lowers God to the level of man and elevates man.  It questions God’s power and sovereignty from beginning to end.


This ideology and its accompanying mystical practices, have been introduced     s l o w l y  into  the Nazarene denomination mostly through the Nazarene schools.  Now pulpits all over the United States are paying the price from these influences.  The pulpits have been compromised with a new breed of shepherd.  These shepherds have been taught to bring these changes in  s l o w l y  into the sleepy congregations and it has worked.   Those who have questioned the changes have been marginalized as mean-spirited fundamentalists instead of Bereans.   Congregants that have approached their pastor about some of the concerns of those waving the red flag of warning, have been told to dismiss them as troublemakers looking to make a profit or garner attention. 


Now that it is here, what will YOUR stance be?  Accept it, or stand against it?  Research it, or ignore it?


Acts 20:31   Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears.


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Mid-America Nazarene University has welcomed the following individuals to their chapel pulpits.  These people represent various emergent, liberal, social gospel, and promote spiritual ‘new age’ views and centering techniques which tear at the fabic of Biblical doctrines.  I suggest that you do the research and find out what these people are presenting to your students (undebated).

To welcome these liberal speakers into the universities (undebated), is to place a stamp of approval and endorsement on what they have to teach our students, and on what they have written.

I have provided a link to Lighthouse Trails Research on my blog.  This is a trusted site that has done exhaustive research on all these individuals.  Type their names into the Lighthouse Trails Search box.


2005  Chapel Schedule

November 30 – Brian McLaren*

2006  Chapel Schedule

October 12 – Leonard Sweet

2007  Chapel Schedule

January 26 – Tony Campolo

April 20 – Mike King*

September 21 – Tony Jones


*Reformed Nazarene has posted some information on Brian McLaren.  Visit Reformed Nazarene’s blog site and read the post dated February 20, 2009.

*Mike King was also a guest speaker at the Nazarene M7 Conference in February 2007.  He spoke on Emerging Spirituality.

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