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Lighthouse Trails Research publishes a monthly newsletter to alert readers to what is happening in the religious landscape today.  LTR serves as a discernment ministry and is known for their extensive research which includes many footnotes and corresponding links.

The February 2010 newsletter includes two articles regarding concerns taking place within the Nazarene denomination.  One article reports on the choice of speakers Northwest Nazarene University allows onto the campus, the other article reports on a Spiritual Formation event taking place at Trevecca Nazarene University.    You may access the two articles HERE.


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The following link will take you to a very interesting presentation given by guest speaker Dr. Jay McDaniel’s at NNU.  The date of this presentation goes back to the Fall of 2006.  It is yet another example of what has been going on in the Nazarene universities over the last decade or more.  Liberal, New Age, and syncretistic belief systems are given an undebated platform in which to promote their philosophies.  Is this where a portion of your tithe is going?  Are the people in the pews okay with paying the speakers fees for people to come in and present a different gospel to their young people?  Do the people in the pews see how this is having an untold influence on their young people?    Read Reformed Nazarene’s excellent write up about this event HERE.

When you finish with that, be SURE to read the President of NNU’s reply regarding the concern in having Dr. Jay McDaniel, and others like him, given a platform to present their philosophies to the students. 
Following the President of NNU’s reply is a rebuttal.  Click on this LINK to read.

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**Update:  June 13, 2009

**It seems NNU has removed the links bio for a couple of the presenters.  The bio’s revealed various Spiritual Formation experience and emphases in their backgrounds.   

**Update:   June 5, 2009

**Looks like the link for the retreat has been re-fashioned.  A paragraph has been added that reports that Dr. Jesse Middendorf endorses the retreat.  Perhaps this was added in an attempt to give the Spiritual Formation Retreat a stamp of approval because a GS endorses it?’  Towards the bottom of the link a Question segment has been added to further quell any concerns and to try to defend the place,  purpose, and practice of the Spiritual Formation Retreat.

You can try to re-package it all day long, but it’s still what it is.  

 **Update:  April 17, 2009

**Apparently Dr. Sproul is no longer listed on the Pre-Retreat site.  No explanation has been given.   Is this an attempt at sanitizing the appearance of the retreat?    


 Northwest Nazarene University and Nazarene Theological Seminary are collaborating to offer a Spiritual Formation Retreat prior to the 2009 General Assembly.    http://www.nts.edu/general-assembly-spiritual-formation-retreat


Here is a list of the people who will be leading the retreat:


The retreat is being held at the San Pedro Center, a Catholic Franciscan retreat center.     http://www.sanpedrocenter.org/index.php


Lighthouse Trails Research has posted a feature article about the retreat.    http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/index.php?p=1403&more=1&c=1

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